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Trust is not the most important is the only thing!   We respect this value as an absolute truth.  We advise in all that we do, knowing what can be known and carefully predicting reasonable assumptions about what is undetermined. 

We have known George for approximately 20 years and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his excellent service.

          George checks our financial investments every three months, if he thinks there should be some changes made, he contacts us and advises us as to what he feels would be in our best interest. If we question him about different issues he is most willing to take the time and explain any questions we may have.

          We find him to be very compassionate, sincere and willing in any way to help us, whether it be a visit to our home or at his office. His sincerity is what impressed us so much and convinced us to put our trust in him.

          Prior to our using George, we were influenced by Dave’s parents and other family members who recommended him, so the Nices have had a long history in dealing with George.


Marilyn and David Nice (submitted by their daughter Michelle Cummings)



My wife,Theresa and I met George Pattison in the late 90's after a suggestion from my sister. We had been with another financial organization but felt our investments were stagnant and not performing to our goals. Since that time George has exceeded our expectations.

          Theresa and I not only feel George is approachable but also his office staff who are personable, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Together with George and the other financial advisors make Pattison Financial Group an excellent firm who have their clients best interests at heart.

          George took the time to know us and to discuss our personal financial goals. He insured that we were comfortable with and understood the investment direction he was suggesting. He never pressured us ,simply gave us advice, answered all our questions, ensured we understood the short and long term goals and then gave us time to make our decision.

          George's integrity and knowledge are invaluable. He is personable and keeps in touch with us regularly to review our portfolio and make suggestions that he feels will better our financial standing. Theresa and I are very comfortable with George and have benefited from his advice.

           We believe that George subscribes to T. Boone Pickens Jr.  philosopy of money management: " Money is to be respected; one of the worst things you can do is handle another person's money without respect for how hard it was to earn it. "


Doug McKiel

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