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The strategies we employ at Pattison Financial Group contribute to our motto, 'there is simply no comparison'.  Our attention to the details and willingness to work closely with clients assessing opportunites in investment, income and income tax, distances us from our competitors.  We set an exceptionally high standard to client service. 


Investment Management


The only effective investments that contribute to real growth are found in the stock markets of the world.  However, buying and holding these types of investments over longer periods of time incorporate too much volatility (risk) for most clients.  We aim to invest in lower risk assets awaiting better buying opportunities.  When some areas of the market present compelling buying opportunities we discuss such with clients, providing windows of opportunity to increase exposure in depreciated prices.  This lowers 'entry point risk' while appropriately exposing portfolios to higher growth assets.

Annual Income Assessments


Individuals who are working or retired should closely manage their annual income and consider increasing or reducing income by contributing or withdrawing assets from registered investments.  A suitable assessment in November will allow accurate advice about opportunities to make lump sum withdrawals from registered assets (RRSP's/RRIF's) to have tax paid at lowest possible rates.  Similarly, in the first 60 days of each year, total income from the previous year should be reviewed and the suitability of purchasing RRSP's to effectively maximize tax deductions or manage income below government income tested programs (E.I., O.A.S. supplement etc.).

Use the Same Dollar Twice


We understand that for many it is hard to maximize all opportunities that present themselves in Canada.   For example, RRSP's at 18% of your income, RESP (education) at $2500 annually per child, TFSA's at $5,500 per year and a total lifetime contribution of $46,500, to name only three concepts.


Is there a way that we might be able to use the same dollar twice?  Yes, and a closely managed financial plan will yield unexpected and pleasing results.  We get to know your situation at great depth and become innovative and strategic about using your hard earn dollars creatively.




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