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About Us

We are a collection of financial planners and advisors who represent clients across the country.  We are deeply entrenched in the values of our profession.  These include but are not limited to; investment management, tax, estate, insurance planning, and cash flow management.

George Pattison

I am the Branch Manager and owner of Pattison Financial Group.  I service individual and corporate client's interests.

Pattison Financial Group began as an independent financial planning firm in 1999.  Our associates come from varied backgrounds but have been in the industry for many years before joining Pattison Financial Group.  Individually we average more than 25 years in the business.  We have grown in many ways over the years.


If you are an individual or family who appreciate the value of solid financial advice born out of the deepest conviction to integrity, we value you as a client.  The Pattison Financial Group team looks forward to serving your needs and increasing our service offering to you.    At Pattison Financial Group, we continue to invest in ways to improve our services to our valued clients.

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